Mobile Apps

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Accessing Your App Management Portal

There are a number of useful tools and features that you can access and manage on your Business Promo App. Once we have your app up and running and published into both the Google Play and Apple iOS App stores, we will provide you with your username and password to access the app management port...

Resources For Marketing Your Mobile App

Your mobile app comes with a collection of ready-made resources that will help you spread the word about your app and encourage visitors to download the app to their mobile device. Once you have a new user download and install your app on their mobile device, you can, of course, begin to send t...

Vouchers & Offers In Your App

A quick video tour of how to add vouchers and offers to your mobile app.

Drive Repeat Business With Your Mobile App Loyalty feature

Increase sales and drive customer loyalty by rewarding multiple visits to your business premises.

Using Your App To Manage Booking Requests

Where you don't already have an online booking system for your salon, practice, restaurant or coffee shop (or any other business), you can use the in-built booking request feature of your business app. Please note that you may need to contact us to enable this feature.

Using Push Messages To Market Your Business

With your own digital marketing mobile app for the Apple or Google app stores, it's really easy to push out your special offers, reminders and marketing messages directly to you clients who have installed your app onto their mobiles. These are called push messages and can be scheduled. Since they...

Setting Up Geofences (Location Based Messages)

You can set your app up so that when a user passes into a predefined geographical area, a special push message is automatically sent out to the phone user. You can set up to 20 locations anywhere in the world.