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How You Can Contact Us

We use a few key email addresses to keep things simple. For all website design amendments and update requests, simply email us at designteam@wearehype.co.uk For all technical support help, simply email us at support@wearehype.co.uk For all financial & accounts help, simply email us at ...

Set Up A Direct Debit Mandate

At Hype (formally Mywebcare), we use GoCardless as our primary payment and cash collection method. It takes just a couple of minutes to set up a Direct Debit Mandate with GoCardless. Simply click the button below and complete the Direct Debit Mandate Form.

Google Ads - Auto Tagging

If are a Google Ads customer and see a different phone number mysteriously appear on your website, this will be due to a feature active in your Google Ads Campaign that allows the import conversion data into your Google Ads account from Google Analytics. Why use it? Auto-tagging is a feature t...