Google Ads - Auto Tagging

If are a Google Ads customer and see a different phone number mysteriously appear on your website, this will be due to a feature active in your Google Ads Campaign that allows the import conversion data into your Google Ads account from Google Analytics.

Why use it?
Auto-tagging is a feature that can help us better understand how website visitors interact with your ads. It allows us to use a unique number to track the number of phone calls that have come as a result of someone looking at your site from an active Google Advert. If we didn't implement this functionality, we would be unable to track this information.

How it works
After someone clicks an ad, auto-tagging adds a bit of additional information — a parameter called GCLID (Google Click Identifier) — to the URLs people click through. If we have auto-tagging enabled and have a Google Analytics tag on their website, the GCLID is stored in a new Google Analytics cookie on their site’s domain. Sometimes the GCLID is created at the time of an impression, rather than a click. This will then know to present the unique phone number.

Why is a user seeing this?
They may have clicked or viewed an active Google advert in the last 30 days and when they have returned via an organic search or direct link, their computer has now stored that information via the Google Ads cookie.

Please note that the Google Ads cookie stored on a computer will change the phone number in future sessions on the website, no matter the method used to get to the website.

If the user clears all cookies from their web browser, the normal phone number will show.